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God does not change or fail,he is dsame yesterday today n 4ever... #cewarrizone #cejeddo #zenithcell

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#Namboole14Oct #EAVZ3ZMCC

The missionary christian is a christian with a purpose. His life is not meaningless! #pastorcletus #ewcavz4#cendobo #splendour2acell

if u luk at d mirror, u see d best Creation of God; so Believe in urself #cewarrizone #zmccewarrizone #cechurch5 #cepti #supermencell

MINISTER IMPACTS NEW YORK VIA RADIO The Strategic Partnering Ministries’ Alliance (SPMI) consists of ministers of the Gospel whose lives have been indelibly impacted by the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. These ministers, many of whom hitherto had never encountered the healing anointing, experience the tangible presence of God at the Healing School, and return to their countries with the zeal for the Lord’s work rekindled in their hearts in earnest, and also with a special anointing to impact their cities and nations. The results have been tremendous and many of these ministers have incredible testimonies of the exploits they have accomplished in the name of the Lord. One such testimony is that of Pastor Merina Vinberg from New York. A member of the SPIM, she was deeply impressed by her encounter with Pastor Chris when she visited the Healing School session in Johannesburg, South Africa. Being filled with the Holy Ghost, she decided to impact her city with the Gospel of Believers’ Loveworld through the airwaves. She pioneered a radio show on Wile Radio 540 AM, a radio station which reaches millions of people across the cities of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The show features inspired teachings from Rhapsody of Realities and faith-based confessions from the Healing School Magazine. Many lives have been transformed and even more will be changed through Pastor Merina’s ministry, to the glory of the Lord. For more updates, visit www.enterthehealingschool.org or download the Healing School mobile app.

Have You Registered For The All Partners Online Conference With Pastor Chris? Remember, All Partners can participate individually on their computers and mobile devices, connecting one-on-one with the man of God Pastor Chris. Further instructions on how to register are available at all BLW local churches and fellowships throughout the world; registration is compulsory and very vital for all partners. #AllPartnersOnlineConference #ProudBLWPartner #EdoNorthandEdoCentral

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I testify of the grace, kindness, love and of who Christ is in my life #NIGHTOFBLISSBENINZONE3


#Namboole14Oct #EAVZ3ZMCC

BlwGroupF concert #NTN #bigger #joyInTheHolyGhost

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