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Great is our God

Satan can't run my life bc am a partner and not of this world...... Glory........#LWPartnersForum#

Morning 6:30

Pushing the Lord's Agenda Forward !

All Partners online conference : http://live2015.internetmultimediaonline.org/region/afri_asia/flashlow2.php

Happening Now Pastor Chris is on set with Pastor Kayode Adesina and Pastor Siji Dara in a panel discussion; "Don't weaken under the load, don't bow under the pressure" -Pastor Chris

Don't weaken under the load! Having done all stand! Keep looking at the testimony! #APOC #ceAccraGhanaZone #ceAccra1

Thank you Pastor for giving me the privilege to view you in my home. Thank you Sir. I love you. #ceph zone3#cc3#Amadi Kalagbor church

Happing live and direct partners online conference with pastor Chris #nobbeninzone3

All Partners Online Conference Live! Partnership is active ministry beyond your limits - Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Having issues with your log in details or mobile devices? Then log on with your desktop or laptop to any of the links below to watch the live feed. loveworldpartnersforum.com internetmultimediaonline.org happy viewing 😀 and happy sharing

Sometimes We Are Not Conscious Where The Holy Spirit is Leading Us Until We Arrive! #allpartnersconference

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