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Updated his profile photo

Become Responsible! What do you have in yourself? #blwzonec #ycph2016

Eben is going to be live on stage. #ycph2016 #blwzonec #dunamis

God is embarrassing challenges in my family #blwzonec #ycph2016

You will never lack wisdom again #ycph2016 #blwzonec

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 11TH SEPTEMBER. I affirm that my mind is anointed to think the right thoughts! No evil nor negative imagination has a place in my heart! With the Word of God in my mouth, I cast down all imaginations of fear, failure, sickness, disease and infirmity! My mind is inundated with the Word, with which I prevail over all the fiery darts of the enemy! I have the mind-set of the righteous because Christ has been made unto me wisdom. I'm highly favoured of God, and positioned by grace for the triumphant life! I'm reigning in life as a king, exercising dominion over circumstances, taming the forces of nature and charting my course in victory! Daily, I manifest the glory and righteousness of God in an increasing measure. This is my calling, and my heritage, Halleluia! I affirm that I'm a miracle! I've received the in filling of the Holy Spirit and the anointing of God's spirit is working (spreading) in every area of my life. I can never be yoked; I’m a carrier of God's grace, power and glory. I’m God's extension in the earth, and through me, He carries out His divine purpose in the earth to touch, bless, heal, uplift, strengthen, and inspire others for greatness! Like never before, I’m spreading the fragrance of Christ to my world, that they may partake of His grace, and be blessed by the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit in me. My joy knows no bounds because God had brought me into a large place with a newness of life, a life that transcends this physical realm! Nothing is ever too late or too critical for me because i function in the authority of Jesus. I'm seated together with Him in the place of dominion, authority, and power! Glory to God. Affirm, share and drop your comments Don't stop talking, your words are raw materials for the building of your life. God bless you.

ABOUT #APOC DAY ONE Participation from BLW SA Zone #AnticipatingDay2 #AllPartnersOnlineConference

Iive in the consciousness of the word of God #blwzonec #ycph2016

The more you know God, d more pride cannot find its way in u bcos you're full of HIM. #PstItee #cebronxnewyork #USAVirtualZone2 #UsaRegion

Every soul must hear of this meeting #ycph2016 #blwzonec

"When you come to church, you come to discuss kingly matters not to beg God for anything" Rev Ken

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