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“Your life is not for reproach its for the glory of God” Pastor Chris allpartnersonlineconference www.heartofworship1.org/wp/you-are-love

“Your life is not for

Good morning and wlc to a new week of prosperity and divine favour from God

Rejoice in Christ Jesus sing praises to Him” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference YOU ARE LOVE www.heartofworship1.org/wp/you-are-love

Congratulation to u - Bro Chuks Trinity #cephzone2

God wants you out of that challenge” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference “YOU ARE LOVE” www.heartofworship1.org/wp/you-are-love

Thanks Pastor for revealing more to us and reassuring us on the place of the Word of God "Our Sword of the Spirit" in Winning the good fight

It was a tight race of 3 teams but I present to you the winning team of the ROR competition session during our Youth Church @ CE Amsterdam.


Eagles mount up. You are royalty! Stand tall!” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference “YOU ARE www.heartofworship1.org/wp/you-are-love

l sow words of Joy, Peace and Love into my spirit, my life is excellent. #Cekano #Nwvz2 #Newdimention

Congratulation man of faith - Bro Chuks #cephzone2

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