Selassie (CE Amsterdam): It was a tight race on KingsChat Web

It was a tight race of 3 teams but I present to you the winning team of the ROR competition session during our Youth Church @ CE Amsterdam.

It was a tight race

“Your life is not for reproach its for the glory of God” Pastor Chris allpartnersonlineconference

Good morning and wlc to a new week of prosperity and divine favour from God

Rejoice in Christ Jesus sing praises to Him” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference YOU ARE LOVE

Congratulation to u - Bro Chuks Trinity #cephzone2

God wants you out of that challenge” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference “YOU ARE LOVE”

Eagles mount up. You are royalty! Stand tall!” Pastor Chris #allpartnersonlineconference “YOU ARE

l sow words of Joy, Peace and Love into my spirit, my life is excellent. #Cekano #Nwvz2 #Newdimention

Congratulation man of faith - Bro Chuks #cephzone2

Gods word is Light! #ycph2016 #blwzonec #Glory

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