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Happy Birthday to you sir, thank you for blessing and inspiring me so much. God bless you sir.

Happy birthday mum God bless and keep you alive and in health for me You shall reap all d gud seeds you have down I love you mama

We ve INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE! Death is now a choice,it's not by compulsion. D same spirit dat was in Jesus dat healed d sick is in u #pee1022

I dwell in the secret place of d most high,my life is hid with Christ in God #cewarri zone #upper erejuwa church #kingsklass cell

If you want to really grow a Tree Pray for rain but don't neglect to water your seeds #Ycph2016 #blwzonej #Blwoghara

You're not a success until you start changing other lives permanently #ycph2016 #super_23 #blwzonec #omega

#It'shappening #everywitmadewhole #bytheanointing #ceorangefarm #sazone2

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