Superman: Relive the victory moments... #spreadingbyhisprese on KingsChat Web

Relive the victory moments... #spreadingbyhispresence was hawt!! #dobukzone2

Relive the victory moments... #spreadingbyhisprese Relive the victory moments... #spreadingbyhisprese

Relive the moments. #spreadingbyhispresence was hawt!! #dobukzone2

We are chosen to rule and reign #nobbeninzone3prayerrally #nightofblissbeninzone3

Glory to God the expected time for our next level in our walk with God is here #DOBUKZONE2 #BLWDEPTFORD

Unveiling of the two important figures who is a bundle of inspiration and a drive to true Christianity. Hallelujah

Today we celebrate a Giant, a General in God's army. Happy birthday Rev Ken Sir. We are grateful to God for you Sir, you believed in us, strengthened us, told us not to give up, to see beyond our abilities and to trust God to grow the work in Zimbabwe. Every word you spoke at the beginning, it has come to pass. Thank you Sir for imparting faith, loving and believing in us. Have a beautiful day full of fun and laughter. We love you dearly

Relive the victory moments... #spreadingbyhispresence was hawt!! #dobukzone2


Pastoral assistants welcoming brethren to church!!! ready for an awesome service in Kensington

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastor & Pastor. I wish you many more years of excellent glory. I love you dearly. Enjoy. #ewcavz4

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