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Still celebrating a most dynamic woman of great faith! I love you so so dearly Ma! #Solabration #Solabration

am the kings kid...

Don't let non christians be around you too long without being transformed by the impact of the power of God through the gospel

Pray in tongues to put ur self first... #CEWarrizone #CEUppererejuwa #Teensministry

Wow! What's a great day to rejoice with our highly esteem Pastor, Father and a Visionary Leader. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir #HBDREVKEN

Happy birthday Rev sir. Thank you so much for being a blessing to me,my family,Believer's Loveworld Nation and many others around the world.

We are pulling down strongholds in the Minds of men!! #pee1022 #cephzone2

The power/miracle is in the respond to the instructions!!! #PastorEric #ewcavz4 #kingspay #kingschatweb

am the light. of the world ..

when you come into Church and see all these big big cameras 📹📹, you know #PastorChris is in town..! 😇🙏🙌💃

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