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Media Director, UK Zone 2, Pastor Femi and His Mighty men looking forward to #DOBUKZONE #FARNBOROUGH

Media Director, UK Zone 2,

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How much are u prepared? #nightofblissbeninzone3 #nobbeninzone3prayerrally

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bro Udeme & Dcns Dioma Usoro. Thanks for been a blessing to our church, zone, region & nation. I love you. #SS2VZ1

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Wed Sept 21, 2016 60 DAYS OF HARVEST (Daily Zonal Prayer Network) Today, we'll be praying for our brethren for our upcoming Programs in October: • 2Days of Glory Paris France, October 8 & 9 • 2Days of Glory Madrid , Spain, October 22 & 23 • Night of Bliss Malaga, Spain, October 28 • Super Sunday Malaga Spain, October 30 • 2Days of Glory Sweden, November 5&6 Pray and declare that they will be meetings like none other. Special gatherings in which the Lord will pour out mighty blessings to cause us to spread in all directions; to grow, rise, expand, extend, increase, and multiply in every area of your life. None of our brethren will miss out! It's our year of SPREADING. God bless you. #ceeuvz2 #cefrance

The circumstances of your life does not determine the quality of your personality

It's a great feeling to expectedly wait upon the greatness of God @ nambole stadium come 14th Oct.

Happy birthday pastor Festus. I love you.

THE WORD THAT WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE WEEK RELEASED by PASTOR CHRIS Ensure you get and swallow this WORDCAPSULE contained on LoveworldNews platform that was carefully designed by the Spirit of God to Shape your entire week for absolute mastery and dominion. Remember... One Word from God can metamorphose your entire life forever. Take full advantage of these platforms for your rapid growth and spiritual maturity. Pastor Chris declares, "You are a blessing — born of the Spirit to be a blessing — not a victim!" Get the full story on LoveWorld News at #ewcavz4

You are the miracle working God... I call u HOLY! #nobbeninzone3prayerrally #nightofblissbeninzone3

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