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You are the miracle working God... I call u HOLY! #nobbeninzone3prayerrally #nightofblissbeninzone3

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THE WORD THAT WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE WEEK RELEASED by PASTOR CHRIS Ensure you get and swallow this WORDCAPSULE contained on LoveworldNews platform that was carefully designed by the Spirit of God to Shape your entire week for absolute mastery and dominion. Remember... One Word from God can metamorphose your entire life forever. Take full advantage of these platforms for your rapid growth and spiritual maturity. Pastor Chris declares, "You are a blessing — born of the Spirit to be a blessing — not a victim!" Get the full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/9puxy #ewcavz4

Happy birthday pastor Festus. I love you.

It's a great feeling to expectedly wait upon the greatness of God @ nambole stadium come 14th Oct.

The circumstances of your life does not determine the quality of your personality

Media Director, UK Zone 2, Pastor Femi and His Mighty men looking forward to #DOBUKZONE #FARNBOROUGH

Finish Strong! No matter how well you take off on a task, you must have a strong determination for an excellent finish. Ecclesiastes 7:8a says "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof", so it's not all about starting out a project, a journey or an endeavor; there must also be the determination to finish well and finish strong. Did you ever see an athlete who sprinted off the blocks in a race but then sustained muscles cramps or tired out midway into the race? Though he was ahead of the others at the start, he didn't get the medal because he didn't finish the race. That's the way some people are in life. When a responsibility is committed to you, ensure you put your best into it and discipline yourself to finish it well and strong. Have the determination for excellent finish. You have the grace, ability and discipline to stick with and accomplish the tasks that God has for you today. To enquire on how to join the ISM Virtual Cell today, call these numbers: +23448085852954, +2347082126425, +2348036961882 Or send an email to onlinemissions@christembasy-ism.org #ismmnconference2017 #ismautumnsession2017 #ismvirtualcell #gatheringsheaves

The knowledge of God that you have will determine the kind of relationship that you have with God #cewarrizone#ginuwachurch

Im the righteousness of God in Christ. Glory!!! You wanna see righteous God is look at me! Heeyaa!!

# Super Sunday@ BLW CHESTER. I see the victory!!!!! However join in the prep by praying and fasting to get your spirit ready!!!!


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