Grace Kyobe: Happy birthday Bro Nash. You on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Bro Nash. You are an expectional friend and an exquisite leader. Enjoy your day

Happy birthday Bro Nash. You

Basking in the glory of the of the blessing if the communion, and the message of the month: my month of increased grace.... #CEabuja #CEabuja #CEabuja

#nightofblisssbeninzone3 #nightofblisssbeninzone3 #CEabuja

Preparing for the miracle, healing and impartation service with our man of God Pastor Chris, and Pastor Benny Hinn.

Dear Pastor Chris, I love you... Thank You Sir for the opportunity..

Enjoy your day Henry

Team CE Bwari Model Church Kids Reaching Out Bro Justice & Zion Ministering To Children Our Kids Can Spread Too.... #RON2016 #CEABUJAZONE

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