Emily Matimura: Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate you and i love you dearly

Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate Happy birthday Pastor. I celebrate

Daily Affirmation of Success and Victory I affirm that I am highly graced. The grace to excel in my finances, health, and job, has been multiplied unto me. This grace attracts every good thing to me. The grace of God working in me is so evident in all I do therefore I accomplish tasks that are seemingly impossible to ordinary men. My words are seasoned with grace. The words of my mouth bring solutions to the challenges of men because I speak the wisdom of God every time. God's grace upon me consistently puts me in the place of advantage, therefore I do not struggle to be relevant. His grace has given me a voice and I am heard in places that matter. Glory to God!!!  #myrhapsodymyspreading.

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 my very esteemed PASTOR FEMI!! U are a blessing 2 dis generation!! KIP SPREADING!!!!

Thank u father for naming ur name upon my life. #Cewarrizone #church1a #kingscourt #Haven

Prayer helps us to activate n walk in d consciousness of d divine presence. #cewarrizone #church4 #TheExecutivecell

#MHIS #RevTomComingToUganda #UnforgettableExperienceUg www.unforgettableexperienceug.org

Happy Birthday to Beloved Sis Carol. Glorious things are spoken of you oh city of the lord.

Information leads to transformation. Beautiful morning to you all. #cewarrizone #ceugolo #insightformencell

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