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updated their profile photo

updated their profile photo
Michael Ukpong


Great man of God.

Dominica Tee 4 Christ


Spirit in glad to have u as my pastor. It's an honour to be identified with this wonderful man of God.

Yhudee Murphy


That's my pastor with an amiable spirit. I love and appreciate you always. Thanks for always being there

Pastor Ogo Owokere


Wow! Good morning Sir. Thank you for all you do for the zone .We love you...

Pastor Cornel Ben


My Precious Father!The Working Word Himself! I Love You Specially Sir!



The word at work

The Sound Code Expert


The word of God in Candid... I love you Sir

Exceptional Solomon Anyanime


Example of the working word of God

HDB Tanya! The Lord perfects all that concerns you. Have a blast! Love you. #tml2510.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS Tanya! ! You are supremely blessed. #tml2510 #cewarrizone #dobwarrizone #mhis #pastorchris

27/1/2013 Praises from men and applauses should be taken as chewing gum - #pza #anomwithpza #edonorthandedocentral

updated her profile photo

HBD Sis Gina, Thank you for all you do in God's house, The abundance of the Sea Shore is converted to you. Congratulations! #SS2VZ1 💝

Happy birthday Bro Mano, LZ1 Oscars &Mickeys celebrate you

Happy Birthday Natanya!! You are a burning and shining light...keep spreading #tml2510

What a GLORIOUS morning #mhis#cewarrizone #dobwarrizone #church6 #cdccell

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