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Over brightness is worrying my future... worrying o jawo mo, Grace ti take over

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I aren't searching for the perfect one, because I got one@JESUS Christ Am perfect in Christ My life and careers are all perfect in Christ

Happy birthday to my amazing Pst Israel. You are such a blessing. Love u loads. Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday Pastor Sir.We join the many clouds of witness to celebrate you Sir. God's personality & so much humor expressed. #XFactor1026

Happy birthday Pastor Ronke Abu. Your testimony is everlasting! You're beautiful!

MEGA OUTREACH & DOB PRAYER GUIDE Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016. Prayer Times: 6am, 12:15pm, 10:15pm #DOBWARRIZONE #CEWARRIZONE

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It's good to be a Christian but it's also good to be born again.

I'm ready for the supernatural! Glory

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Happy birthday TML, you're such a bundle of joy, a seasoned woman of God,Grace and Favour. You know how much Big bro loves u. #TML2510

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