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Happy birthday ma, you are a great teacher and pastor.thank you so much for all you do for us in LZ5. I love you ma


MHIS a time of refreshing like never before. #ewcavz4

Thank you Lord for making me to be a partaker of the Saint in Light

CELEBRATING AN ICON, CELEBRATING A CHAMPION!!! Happy Birthday to the Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips! You epitomise the BLW Exceptionalism. Your unparalleled commitment to the vision of our Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and the spread of the BLW Message is truly inspirational. We love you dearly #SS2VZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS #MHIS2016

There's no other place I would rather be than where i am

updated his profile photo

Now that the Lord has imparted me unlimited anointing...the next steps are Fellowship with Holy Spirit,His Word,Knowing Jesus More...#DOB

Preempting a marvelous experience, Pastor Benny says, "tonight, his glory will be thicker!" Pastor Benny Hinn commenced the second night of the Miracle Healing and Impartation Services by expressing his gratitude to the BLW President for the opportunity to minister in what he described as "a new Nigeria!" The guest minister, then, thanked the Lord for such an unfathomable impartation and ministry of His Spirit on the first night of the program. As he prayed, he uttered prophetically concerning tonight's session, "miracles will happen, not only here but around the world, and miracles will continue to happen as your people carry the anointing into their homes!" Get the full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/ghby9 #MHIS

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