Dcns Loveth: Celebrating a Royal wonder! Happy on KingsChat Web

Celebrating a Royal wonder! Happy birthday sir! We love and celebrate you sir! #cewmc

Celebrating a Royal wonder! Happy Celebrating a Royal wonder! Happy

Happy birthday dear father, thank you for the investment of your personality in my life. #legendarypza #pza #edonorthandedocentral

Happy birthday sir. Thank you so much pastor sir for all you do for the body of Christ. We love you so dearly pastor Sir.

#Highlights Our Children thank the Lord for a glorious first half of the year of lights, during the Mid Year Thanksgiving Service with the Esteemed Zonal Director in Christ Embassy Nairobi 1. #CeKenyaZone

ROUSA 2019

Happy birthday my greatly Zonal Pastor, Thank you for your divine guidance to us over the years. you are excellence personified a champion for life., full of grace and truth We love and appreciate you. pastor Iheanacho Christ embassy forest gate

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you for your love and for impacting us with your unique and excellent personality. Surely you have moved to a new phase of a thousand times greater in all ramifications. I love you Ma.

Happy Birthday Anniversary to the Man who daily live in the realm of the spirit of life. "Nobody says I'm Alive Better than He does". I'm Alive!!!

#healing school ambassador

كالعاددة احكي الحكي قبل الموقع الرسمي وو بعد كم يوم يغردو مثل حكيي، دليل انو جد اشتغل معهم👍🏻

Happy birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor sir. I love you so dearly sir. Thank you so much sir for showing us the way to follow.

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