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I am full of honour! I am a multiplier, I multiply grace...I multiple every thing that has a name! I am a giver #AUniqueGift #ceabujazone

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Beautiful CSO n the LMAM UK blessing us during the Global Service. There's no other name like the name of Jesus.

Learn not to make careless statement in life. Let your word count. So blessed to be a part this great vision #ippc2016 #cecwarrizone #cech3

Happy Wedding Anniversary dearest Revd Tom and Pastor Joy, I love you both so very much. More glorious years ahead.

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Our dearest leader sis Mary Dejene this happy birthday once again!!

Happy wedding anniversary my most Rev & Pst Joy. I love you always.

So mightily grew the Word in Folaseye and prevailed!!! #IPPC2016

The piece of paper never forgets. Write down the VISION 4the appointed time...The Book of Act yet 2b continued #WRITTENWordofGod #IPPC2016


Hello everyone, IPPC so far had been fascinating and spiritually catapulted me to a higher place. Glory to God.

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