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We Have Structures That Guarantee Success - Pastor Lanre Alabi Day 4 morning session of the ongoing International Pastors and Partners Conference featured Esteemed Pastor and Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1, Pastor Lanre Alabi. In opening, Pastor Lanre taught that each of us is trained by the best to become the best, because Pastor deserves the best. And it's not enough to be grateful but gratitude must burst forth with clear results. "We have structures that guarantee your success. Our structures are proven. Everything we do is carefully orchestrated by the Holy Spirit."  With Jude 1:24-26, Pastor Lanre exhorted that each one is to be faithful with the structures of the ministry as they have been built and developed to produce evident success. For more click here http://ippcdaily.com/?p=441 and follow this Super User for more on IPPC 2016. #ippc2016 #ippcdaily

We Have Structures That Guarantee

IPPC 2016 Highlights Our Christianity Is Beyond The Walls of The Church– Pastor Linda Okocha Partners at the Friday Morning Session of the Partners Conference were elated as Pastor Linda Okocha spurred them on to take their soul winning efforts and achievements to a new and higher level.  "Don’t just be fascinated by the chariot you are in, you’re there for a purpose. Where you are is your vehicle of life. This gospel is our lives. We can’t be apologetic for what we believe and who we are in Christ. We are not ashamed of the gospel. Our Christianity is beyond the walls of the Church. We must take it to the market place of life to change lives. We don’t have enough time. We must compel men. Wherever you find yourself, you carry the spirit of God in you. Give what you have on the inside. You’re a life-giving spirit. We’re ambassadors of Christ winning souls everywhere. What are you going to do after this conference with all you’ve received?  Your testimonies will be published because you attended this conference." Stay tuned for more updates on IPPC 2016. #ippc2016 #cephzone3

LOVEWORLD EXHIBITION 2016 NEWS: 2016 International Partners Conference Exhibition Opens Amid Testimonies of Spreading Exploits The opening ceremony of the 2016 Loveworld Exhibition, with the theme: Connect, Share and Spread took place at the Loveworld Exhibition ground on Thursday November 17. The Chairman of the 2016 Exhibition and the Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Warri Zone, Pastor Siji Dara gave the opening address, stating that the exhibition will be an opportunity to expand and spread the work of the ministry further and farther through the different arms and affiliates of the Believers Loveworld Nation. This was after the opening prayer by the Secretary General of the ministry, Pastor Kayode Adesina.  The Chief Executive Officer of the Believers Loveworld Nation, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu also gave her address, thanking God for the grace He gave to us as a ministry to accomplish much more on every side. She also thanked the Partners for their increasing commitment to the spread of the gospel through different ministry platforms in the year 2016. Brother Jonathan and Sister Funmilayo Lamptey of Christ Embassy Accra Ghana Zone, the Ministry's Top Individual Partners in the year 2015, also demonstrated willingness to do much more in the new ministry year, thanking God for the "Spreading" exploits of the ministry, as they declared the exhibition open. #ippc2016 #cephzone3

Ability determines what you're capable of doing; motivation determines what you'll do; but attitude determines how well you do it. #HBPA2115

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"Refuse to fly too low,but fly in heavenly places"!! The PA,# HBDpastor Andy2111

I'm excellent, wonderful & fashioned for good works. My mind thinks this way always. #IPPC2016 #cesazone5

IPPC 2016 HIGHLIGHTS Giving Not Getting Is The Way - Pastor Biodun Lawal During a Super Session at Friday morning Partners Conference, the Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal shared words seasoned with grace on remaining relevant in financing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. "You must grow as the ministry is growing. Increase your relevance. Understand the importance of partnership. Don't look for how to climb the stage for recognition. Share the values, priorities, vision, commitment and convictions of the one you're partnering with. Timeless and excellent delivery is what is required. What's your response to information and instructions? That's how you increase your relevance. Take decisions based on information and instructions and act on them.  Your acknowledgement is vital. You need to be conscious of your roles and responsibilities. It's not about the city. If there's no money in that city, then you're the problem. God will hold you responsible for the prosperity of your city like He did in the days of Elisha who prophesied only when he saw the sword.  Confession, which is your faith proclamation is the next vital requirement. God promotes you by your faith. We don't withdraw. Our influence keeps increasing. Our impact keeps multiplying. We have the ability of God in our spirits that can give us relevance and productivity. Philippians 3:13-14 You must have ever increasing prosperity forgetting those things that are behind and reaching for those things before us. When will your Pastor remember your giving and speak in tongues for one hour? There's no other way, let no one deceive you. Jesus says that to those who have, more will be given. Giving, not getting, is the way. More IPPC 2016 updates still to come... #ippc2016 #cephzone3

Not One of Us Is Ordinary. Each One of Us Is A Potential Forest of Human Souls and Financial Currencies - Pastor Chris We're still basking in the special blessings of IPPC 2016. Friday night's session with the President of the BLW Nation was simply phenomenal with Pastor Chris sharing from the word on financial increase and wealth, teaching that each one of us is a potential forest of human souls and financial currencies.

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NEWSFLASH!!!! 2016 Loveworld Exhibition Records Highest Number of Exhibitors The 2016 Loveworld Exhibition with the theme, Connect, Share and Spread has been doing just that since it was declared open Thursday morning. It has not only attracted record visitors, but with 49 exhibitors, this year’s Exhibition has outperformed the preceding ones in the number of exhibitors. The Exhibition captures every aspect of the Ministry’s work around the world.  Follow this Super User for updates on IPPC 2016. #ippc2016 #cephzone3

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