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Happy birthday dearest Bro. Evan. You are simply AWESOME. And thank u for all ur services to #ceugbowo1 and #benzone3. We love you......

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Evans-yoyo Osunde


Thank you so much ma

updated his profile photo

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#IPPC2016 #SEVZ1

updated her profile photo what a way to start your day and be transported to a higher realm #MJ

Airing now on Loveworld Radio, delegates to the IPPC 2016 share their experiences. Download the Android app or visit to listen.

New Song.. Coming Soon.. #SoGreat produced #KayStrings from #GwillsNuel #lmam

This my friend Sophiya sha...😂😂😂😂😂😂 Behind the scenes studio flow of our song VICTORY PARADE... LOL!!!! #victoryparade #LMAM #PeeYuu #sophiya

GYLF LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM IN NAMIBIA GYLF ambassador, Joel Tiago, organised a GYLF Leadership Training Program in Namibia where he ministered to young leaders on the need to contend for the faith. At this program, he admonished the youth to be gallant soldiers of Christ who would not cower or be distracted by the affairs of this life, but would go about preaching the Word of God everywhere with boldness. The youth were blessed and inspired to take the Gospel of Christ to everyone in their spheres of contact. Praise God! #GYLF

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