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Happening now;@cendobo #internationaldayofservice #ewcavz4

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the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.. Christ Embassy Sapele Renovated the sapele cenotaph in celebration of the blw day of service. #cesapele #blwdayofservice #SS1VZ1

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updated his profile photo

Cleaning our community #ewcavz4 #cendobo #internationaldayofservice

Thank so much sir when I needed a father.God gave me you, to direct my part and help me tru the jorney of life I love you deeply and dearly.

Happy birthday to you Bishop Chikancy. Thank you for all you do in our great nation.You are supremely blessed. #cephczone3 #adageorgegroup

The spirit of service is the heart of humanity. .Christ Embassy Sapele completely renovated the sapele cenotaph in commemoration of the blw day of service. . #cesapele #SS1VZ1 #blwdayofservice

God loves me exceptionally!!! His is d purest of love. How do I really describe this?! Eeeeeeeeh!!! I live there! ♡ u love pastor Chris!

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