Splendor Vee: updated her profile photo on KingsChat Web

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

Watchout for this amazing stage play. After the Music Stops. What's next? #DRehearsals #Brainbox #Cebz2

updated her profile photo

I will bless your Name at all times, and your praise shall continually be in my mouth .....#flourishing

There is no power on earth or person who can stop what God has supremely declared our year to be.we are Flourishing forever. #cemontreal

God's Word is forever settled in heaven.So when he says through our MOG Pastor Chris it's my year of Flourishing it is so for me #cemontreal

What an HONOR to present. 🙏.Broda am blessed. Pastor am looooooooove u. Pastor mmmmmmmmmmmmuaaaa

With Gclan and Samjamz....After the music Stops. They can tell you what's next. WATCHOUT!!!!! #Cebz2

Happy Pastor Happy Congregation #CelebratinganIconPBL #ceaccraghanazone #accra1#ambassadors2n

Luxurant Growth Significant attainment Persistent productivity #flourishing

Let's Celebrate; A Vibrant,Conscious,Articulate.Outspoken Activist of our time: A woman with a gentle spirit- Happy birthday pastor Isi

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