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When God spoke & I responded with my spirit,mixing the Word with faith have 1.Luxuriant growth # Cesa Zone 5

When God spoke & I

'The richest people of this country are in this place. They are not coming. They are already here.' #whywelovePNO

Happy birthday to my pastor sir. #lifeiseasywithGod.


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Bullet points of the message on the 1st January, 2017 by the Europe Regional Pastor, the Sec. Gen of the BLW Nation. - It's a New day, a new beginning. The beautiful thing about the morning or a new year is that it's a new beginning. It gives the opportunity for a fresh start. - The Spirit of God says, I am your shield and exceeding great reward. - The message of the year given to us by the Spirit of God, through our great man of God, Pastor Chris is not just for January but for the whole year. That message is meant to pilot you. - Be grateful. If a man is going to be great, he has to be a grateful person. When you wake up in the morning, thank the Lord for the day; the gift of life is a great blessing. To be alive alone is a great blessing. - You ought to be grateful for everyday that God has given you. Be grateful for the little things that are actually big things. - Begin the year with thanksgiving. When you wake up and start praising, just know that God is there. - If you ever want to get things done, you have to do it with a heart of thanksgiving. - The message of the year is prophetic. We're the ones to do things the way God does it. God speaks forth His word. - The year is in your hands. God has given us the direction for the year. - In a car the fog light is for your immediate surroundings and the head lamp shows you further, the word of God is for your present and future. - Take time to meditate on the word for the year. Study Heb 11 and be inspired. - You can be given the word but to take the word into your spirit is your responsibility. - Wake and sleep with joy each day. - It is our year of Flourishing. Psalm 92.

Happy Birthday dear P.Nelo Ma.. Thank you for being a blessing to me and for all you do for the CM. It's your year to flourish. I love you💖

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Happy Birthday my father, my mentor and my too much pastor! Love you loads sir!

Waoo what a glorious day.Happy birthday sir. #Cephzone2.#Oyigbonation

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