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I see miracles taking place. #DTP2017 D-DAY!

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#cebeninzone1 #nobologbo

And it is #DTP2017 D-DAY!

I see Expansion. #DTP2017 D-DAY!

Happy birthday Pastor Ma, heureux anniversaire Pasteur Omo, nous t'aimons et rendons grâce à Dieu pour ta vie.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastors

Happiest birthday Pastor ,I wish you many more glorious years ahead as you Flourish. #PastorGokeAdu

So much excitement in the air #DTP2017 D-DAY!

#DTP2017 D-DAY!

EVANGELISM CAUCUS DAY 2 [ HIGHLIGHTS 1 ] 🌑 The Holy Spirit is your helper for life.  🌑 Soulwinning is forcefully removing someone from the domain of darkness.(Mark 3:27.)To forcefully remove someone is not physical, but by prayers. 🌑 Your prayer for souls are so important. Through your prayers, you create the  opportunity for someone to receive salvation. 🌑 Prayer, as much as it is a labor, is fun. In the place of prayer, you get direction concerning things that nobody may be able to tell you. 🌑 If you start praying for someone with that passion in your spirit, you will never forget that person.  🌑 Start out by speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues empowers you. 🌑 Become a tongue-talking Christian. Through prayers, you can address things. #FlourishingWithSouls #cephzone3 #ipsewithpastorjoy

It's a New day, it's a new level.It's not like b4. Luxuriant growth, Significant attainment and Persistent productivity all the way. HBD SIR

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