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So much excitement in the air #DTP2017 D-DAY!

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Happiest birthday Pastor ,I wish you many more glorious years ahead as you Flourish. #PastorGokeAdu

I see miracles taking place. #DTP2017 D-DAY!

#cebeninzone1 #nobologbo

And it is #DTP2017 D-DAY!

I see Expansion. #DTP2017 D-DAY!

#DTP2017 D-DAY!

EVANGELISM CAUCUS DAY 2 [ HIGHLIGHTS 1 ] πŸŒ‘ The Holy Spirit is your helper for life.Β  πŸŒ‘ Soulwinning is forcefully removing someone from the domain of darkness.(Mark 3:27.)To forcefully remove someone is not physical, but by prayers. πŸŒ‘ Your prayer for souls are so important. Through your prayers, you create the Β opportunity for someone to receive salvation. πŸŒ‘ Prayer, as much as it is a labor, is fun. In the place of prayer, you get direction concerning things that nobody may be able to tell you. πŸŒ‘ If you start praying for someone with that passion in your spirit, you will never forget that person.Β  πŸŒ‘ Start out by speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues empowers you. πŸŒ‘ Become a tongue-talking Christian. Through prayers, you can address things. #FlourishingWithSouls #cephzone3 #ipsewithpastorjoy

It's a New day, it's a new level.It's not like b4. Luxuriant growth, Significant attainment and Persistent productivity all the way. HBD SIR

EVANGELISM CAUCUS DAY 2 [ HIGHLIGHTS 2 ] πŸŒ‘ What Do You Say When You Go Out for Soul Winning?Β  The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. This is one of the reasons you speak in tongues (Acts 2:38, John 16:13) πŸŒ‘ There has to be a total dependence on the Holy Spirit in evangelism. He will bring all things to your remembrance. Peter was able to clearly articulate everything he wanted to say, because the Holy Spirit brought it to his remembrance. (John 14:26) πŸŒ‘ When you are full of the Holy Ghost, the account of scriptures that you will give will be correct. This is the reason we should teach people. #FlourishingWithSouls #cephzone3 #ipsewithpastorjoy

Gloorrryyyy #DTP2017 D-DAY!!!

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