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updated her profile photo

Happy Wedding Anniversary Dearest Pastor Sir and Ma.Thanks for being a great blessing to me.Keep flourishing on every side! #couplewithswag

Happy wedding anniversary to my ever flourishing parents. Your lives are an example to the believer in Christ. I love you sir/ma! #SS2VZ1

updated her profile photo

Meditation mode activated! 8 days of Meditation begins today. It's time to meditate on the message of the year, 'The year of Flourishing'. Our Man of God, Pastor Chris during the new year's eve service said that the message for the year is an insight into what the Lord is doing with us, through us and for us. So get ready to receive revelations from the Word as we meditation on the Message of the year. Below is a link to download the manual for this study. Give attention to the word and it will produce in you what it talks about. #ceabujazone #8daysofMeditation

Rhapsody Review : 22nd January, 2017 PUT YOUR BODY UNDER The outward man (your body) has its senses, and your spirit has its senses as well. The outward man has a mind that holds the memory, and the human spirit also has memory. So, whichever one you train is what will determine the quality of your life. Those who live according to their senses are terribly limited; they’re the ones that experience failures and defeat in life. But those who are led by the Spirit, those who have trained their spirits, have the mastery.

Happening Now: Day 3 Charismatic Fire Conference.

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