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There is nothing, nothing u cannot do nothing u cannot change ... Jesus #cekuwadzana #cesazone5

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Happy birthday ma #ekw2301

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Celebrating A Kingdom General and Gentleman, Highly Esteemed Rev Ray Okocha! We celebrate today one of God's finest, Most Excellent Rev Ray Okocha. Thank you Reverend Sir for your heart of love, kindness and compassion. Thank you Sir for your faith in the Ministry of the Gospel and in the life transforming message of our dear Man of God. Thank you Sir for being a leader of leaders, an excellent example to follow. Thank you so much Sir for your love, support and commitment to the vision and work of The Haven Nation. We all love you dearly Sir. Happy Birthday from The Haven Nation

My productivity is endless...

You are able Jesus #cekuwadzana #cesazone5


My Year of flourishing

Hi friends

Happy birthday ma #ekw2301

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