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5 days with the word!! #Nwvz1 #amazingkaduna

I'm so excited about NOBS #Nobs #Cesapele #Nightofblisssapele

Don't miss it

Don't miss this!! #nwvz1 #amazing Kaduna

Happy Birthday to my lovely Daughter Jasmine Ose Jonas #cewarrizone

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DAILY AFFIRMATIONS OF SUCCESS AND VICTORY JANUARY 25 I affirm that my spirit, soul and body are yielded to the Holy Spirit even as He guides me towards all significant attainments. He is my guidance and inspiration. The Holy Spirit dwells in me causing me to walk in God's perfect will. I experience the abundant supply and ministry of the Spirit at all times such that I continuously grow luxuriantly. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of waters, I flourish like the palm tree. I am valuable and profitable at all times. There is no down-time for me. Every day gets better and stronger. I am persistently productive.  Doors of blessings are opened unto me that no man can shut. My life is glorified and every day I am brought into supernatural favours and promotions. Hallelujah!

Significant Attainments — Day 4, '8 Days of Meditation' Ride with triumph on the heights of the land through meditation on the New Year Message. It's the fourth day in the BLW Nation's '8 Days of Meditation' exercise, where we focus on the second point given by our man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, as he expounded upon the message of the year. Join the glorious ride and discover the depths of what it means to achieve significant attainments in 2017. "Great things are about to happen," Pastor declares in our video of the day, featured above. Remember to watch the video, and follow the contents of the study outline (, which is also now available in Arabic ( Declare "I accomplish and exceed set goals and targets, achieving heights worthy of attention," along with other affirmations!

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