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Watch young Jude... A Beneficiary of our Child Mentoring Program Speak Faith filled words to change his Future  On a daily basis at the #InnercityMission, We 👀 the lives of indigent children🚸 transform before our eyes as a result of our Life changing Ministry Materials. Join us this year as we distribute Children's Ministry Materials in the inner cities , lets deliver to the indigent their immeasurable inheritance in Christ. For Details and inquires; ğŸ“ž+2348123445240 📩 #EndChildpovertyNOW

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Nyaradzai Jacha


Significant Attainment. I will be a part of it.#cesazone5

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👮📖🌴#notable feat!

Henry Onyebuchi Uzodinma


I've made up my mind to make the world a better place.

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Wow glory



We appreciate our Dear Man of God for innercity mission child mentoring program.the innercity mission innercity mission mentoring program follow innercity mission super user teaching mentoring training coaching tutoring counselling ministry material distribution alright jude okorafor beneficiary mentoring program pastor chris the innercity mission partnership support centre phone email online chat join us to sponsor ministry materials to children in the innnercities email jude a beneficiary child mentoring program future innercity mission we children's ministry materials details #endchildpovertynow

Dcns Yemi Olofinmakin


Waoh, glory be to God. hallelujah.

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3. Find out the Social issues they have in that nation #vctzonej

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Our messages is reaching the ends of the earth #vctzonej

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