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I declare I can never b disadvantaged. All things work together for my good

Shamiso Masuka


#mydeclaration. I declare salvation of my husband Anxious Masuka.

Live your life in Church!-PTAD.

I pray I make it to the special ministers conference coming up in February

You must be proactive in raising your children for their generation, not your own generation. -PTAD.

'I have overcome the world of its financial systems, economics, darkness, delusions, sickness, and diseases' - ROR 27th Jan 2017 #CEUKZone3

it's happening today live @ the Prestigious Loveworld Faith Arena. it's Night of Agreement with Pastor Moses #cebeninzone1 #nightofagreement

8 DAYS OF MEDITATION - DAY 6 Increase your sensitivity to the Spirit and purify your faith with today's meditation session. DAY 6 in our '8 Days of Meditation' is here with the video of the day below! The past few days have precipitated tremendous TESTIMONIES all over our great nation!  @kfboateng says "I live in Ghana, and it is said that jobs are hard to find. During these days of meditation, I received two job offers in one day!" WOW!  Today is the day to spend extra time talking in tongues as we delve into 1 Corinthians 14:4 and Jude 1:20! Don't forget to continue crystallizing your plans for the year.


ALSO HAPPENING THIS SUPER-LOADED SUNDAY - LAUNCH OF THE NEW YEAR MESSAGE Get ready for the launch of the New Year message in all Teens Churches across the ministry on Sunday, 29th of January. Our teens are positioned for luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity in 2017. Wow! #blwteens Download the Teevo2go mobile app on Google Play today and enjoy a thrilling experience every day! Do like, comment on and share this post. (To send in your stories of impact, kindly email Kindly send a maximum of 5 pictures per story)

"What you see with the eyes of faith is more real than what you see with your optical eyes" I see 'flourishing'!!!! #8daysofmeditation

How true 😊😊🙏🏼

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