Kaylina Lopez: updated her profile photo on KingsChat Web

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

Am so glad these few days have been amazing as I meditate on God's word . Power has been released inside me like never before... I flourish

Meditate on the scriptures, train yourself to remember Gods Word, Speak the word in every situation that concerns you.#PASTORFAMESHA


updated her profile photo

Our Man of God by God's Spirit called many out far from back row and gave them word of knowledge, Prophesied on them and blessed them. Glory

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#congratulation CE PTI celebrating partners of the year 2016. Bro Peter #cewarrizone #ceeffurungroup #cepti

#congratulation CE PTI celebrating partners of the year 2016. Hon John Shaguolo opening speech #cewarrizone #ceeffurungroup #cepti


Dear Esteemed Dcns Ayo, you're such a great inspiration, ever young. Thank u for ur passion & love in giving to Loveworld TV. I love you Ma

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