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'NIGHT OF BLISS BAYELSA WITH REV TOM' - A SPECIAL SESSION IN OTHER CHURCHES The Night of Bliss Bayelsa Session in service today was indeed remarkable - across over 110 churches in Bayelsa, the Pastors, Coordinators and Leaders reminded the brethren in a talkshow, of their participation, involvement and roles as shared at the All Nite with the Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu.

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. Your Passion and dedication to the work of the gospel and the ministry is inspiring. Happy Birthday Ma.

Happy birthday Pastor Shade we thank God for bringing you into our lives to shine your light and manifest the good works of Christ

i see the invisible #cewarrizone #ceeffurugroup #cepti #supermencell


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I am built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets! Eph 2:19-20. I have a goodly heritage. My year of flourishing, luxuriant growth.

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