Nkolalokun-The Father's Delight : HBD Dear Sister Vera.You are on KingsChat Web

HBD Dear Sister Vera.You are uniquely unique.You are diligent,therefore you stand among kings and your leaves are ever green. I love you

HBD Dear Sister Vera.You are

PRC 2017 PRAYER SCHEDULE THURSDAY 2ND FEBRUARY All Ministers who will be attending the program are expected to pray for at least 15min daily, between the hours of 6am – 8am or 10pm -12am, whichever is preferred. Pray for all delegates. That as they prepare to attend these programs, they make the right plans guided by the Spirit of God. Declare that they make right and safe transportation and accommodation arrangements. Pray for the security of lives and properties all through the program. Declare that every delegate walks in absolute safety and our security efforts are mantled by the Spirit. Declare that all delegates come with their hearts ready to receive the word and to be impacted through the ministration of our Man of God. Also pray for the organizing committee of the PRC – the program director, chairman and various teams working towards the organization of an excellent program; declare that God's grace works in them to perform excellently and in the perfection of the Spirit, all that is required to make this program a success. For the full prayer schedule visit- www.cepfonline.org/prc2017 #ready4prc2017 #flourishing

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Giving is an act of faith #cegweru #flourishing #cesazone5

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Out of the abundance of my heart, my fingers type.....Happy Birthday in advance to my ever flourishing father. An embodiment of divinity.

The more you give the more excited you get! #cegweru #flourishing #cesazone5

Word of wisdom

Happy birthday Pastor JN! Thank you so much for the great job you are doing in the EAVZ3! We celebrate this beautiful day! God bless you!

If you do not give your first fruit, everything is destroyed! #cegweru #flourishing #cesazone5

Use God's promise to multiply on your giving! #cegweru #flourishing #cesazone5

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