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"The real essence of Christianity is Christ in you,manifesting and expressing Himself in,and through you".#ROR#Pastor Chris#CEABAKALIKI1


Roar in tongues before you start your day and victory will be assured #cesazone5

BOWIE, MD STATE UNIVERSITY Celebrates Black History Month With The Book, "The Power Of Your Mind". CE Bowie Maryland USA took the word of God literally and launched out well armed with prophetic words to establish the Gospel on higher institution of learning. This month of February, our beloved Pastor Beatrice Benson got the permission to establish Believer's LoveWorld Fellowship inside the Bowie State University Campus. The Church was also granted the rare opportunity not usually granted to a church from a higher institution, to lecture the students on value-loaded moral and spiritual knowledge to transform their lives with our pilot book "The Power Of Your Mind" celebrating Black History Month. Pastor Benson took the opportunity to share with these students the importance of developing their minds with the right materials so they could create the right future for themselves and others, and at the end of the lecture every student received the book, "The Power Of Your Mind" at no cost. This meeting also had the professor in attendance, who forthwith also requested that "The Power Of Your Mind" be introduced into the University Library.....Glory To God! Students attending Bowie State University can now go into the school library and read or purchase copies of The Power Of Your Mind. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


The Zonal Prayer Rally starts at 8am today, be there!

Lord it's been 5 glorious years of joining myself to this Amazingly beautiful & elegant Princess. I'm saying thank you Lord. HWA my darling!

Happy Birthday my beloved brother Kayce. Thank you for all you do in the house of the Lord. Keep flourishing without limitations. ❤❤ You.


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