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I press toward the mark of the high calling...I'm pressing on to reach my goal #iflourish

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Dieu ne remplit pas de colère satan est celui qui remplit de colère. Laisse la partir C est un esprit dangereux. #ewcavz4#cedla.

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I'm Sensitive to spiritual realities. I'm synchronized with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Holy Spirit, I love your presence 1 Corinthians 14:4

Watching my man of God on my device teaching, the beauty of #pcdl

Happy birthday Brother Tunji Ortade.You're Flourishing with luxuriant Growth&persistent productivity in Jesus name. Your new year is blessed

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Quand tu es en colère tu donnes une large route au diable. #ewcavz4#cedla

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Be an example of a believer in words, in conversation and in the way that you conduct yourself.... #PZA #LUYW #Edonorthandedocentral

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