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Yes we CAN!

Yes we CAN! Yes we CAN! Yes we CAN!

Wednesday service with Rev Chris Oyhakhilome Salvation is key. The next phase after salvation is growth. #conception to birth.

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Dan5:12 an excellent spirit, and knowledge,and understanding interpreting of dreams and shewing of hard sentences,and dissolving of doubts..

Nothing good happen to me...nothing bad happen to me. I HAPPEN THINGS!!!!! kkkkk 😆😆😆 #UnstopableFlourishing #GweruCE #SAzone5

Pray 2 people to church this Easter... #UKZone2 #BLWWelwynhatfield #Flourshing #Insight #AnointingforLiving

Song.. All that thrills my soul is Jesus;    He is more than life to me;    And the fairest of ten thousand,    In my blessed Lord I see.

Service today 👐

Updated his profile photo

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