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Happy birthday pretty, Spirit-filled sisters. God continually increase you both in knowledge, wisdom and stature.You are both bless forever.

Happy birthday pretty, Spirit-filled sisters.


Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my dearest and beloved hubby! I love you so much my precious love.keep soaring, prospering and flourishing!!!😙😙😍😍💖💖

YOU'RE FROM HEAVEN You might have heard people say, “I don’t know that man from Adam?” They’re referring to Adam of the Garden of Eden, because that’s their origin. We never talk like that as new creations, because we’re from heaven. You’ve got to know who you are, and declare it. Moses said to God, “Who shall I say sent me?” God replied, “I AM THAT I AM” ```Exodus 3:14```. He didn’t say, “I don’t know who I am”; He said, “Tell them, I AM sent you.” In the same way, always be bold to declare who you are, and where you’re from. You’re a God-man from heaven. Hallelujah! Learn more in today's article.

Obi Shine, Eli J, Chizi etc #made2love

The MC & Tech.Dpt.of cebonaberi group with Bro.WILLY live (5 levels of preventive maintenance) #ewcavz4 #cebonaberi

♡The choices of life and not the compulsions reveal character. ♡ Your words amplify your character! ~Pastor Chris #PstChrisOnTBNRussia

Updated his profile photo

#mother'sday #celebrationspecial #2017

Wahooo the 1st of its kind in cebonaberi the MC/Technical Departmental training program day one #ewcavz4 #cebonaberi


#Madetolove is around the corner.....

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