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We'll make your 50th, a memorable occasion In every single way. Trust UKVIRTUALZ3 to make it a wonderful day. #PEA50 #PEArocks50

Why are we doing all these?They are all real.Ma, u are a package ūüéĀ that we are still unwrapping and LOADING. #PEA50 #PEArocks50

WHY ONIONS MAKE YOU CRY. So what's going on with onions that make you cry? A researcher and author of the book Garlic and Other Alliums (onions are part of the plant genus allium) explained that "the onion is a perennial bulb that lives in the ground with lots of critters who are looking for a snack." And so they have a chemical defense system, which, like a skunk fending off predators with a stench, releases the tear-jerker chemical to protect itself from being eaten. Within each cell of an onion is a sealed vacuole filled with enzymes that rupture when cut into. The enzymes then mix with other chemicals in the onion cell and... "a whole cascade of chemical processes happen within an instant." The result of all those chemical processes are syn-propanethial-S-oxide molecules, the irritating culprit making you (or your 3-year-old) cry. When cut, the onion makes your cry as a means of defense. Bet you didn't know that. Kindly comment, like and share   Enjoy the very tasty KOBIS fried fish and fish fillet you can eat. Properly seasoned with sprinkles of salt, onions, pepper and spices, dipped in a mix of eggs, mustard and potato flakes and fried in low cholesterol healthy fresh cooking oil that gives that crispy brown steaming fish "deliciousness" you can enjoy all the time. Hmmn! Yummy! Call us, we deliver 08127138071(Apapa store) 08127138046 (Oregun Road store), 08026595498 (Isaac John store) Or visit our Fresh Restaurants, 19, Kudirat Abiola, Oregun, Ikeja  23 Isaac John Street GRA Ikeja, Apapa Mall, Park Lane Apapa Lagos. KOBIS - ALWAYS FRESH

HAPPENING TODAY! Get ready for the 2017 ISM Ministers’ Network Conference Global Day of Prayer; it promises to be an impactful and awesome time of refreshing. If you are not already onsite in Johannesburg, South Africa, click to enable you participate from your location. Don’t miss it!  Date: 31st of March 2017 Time: 1pm (GMT +1) Venue: Christ Embassy Randburg 2 Church For enquiries, please call +27 64 393 7741, +27 64 398 9920, +27 74 638 6228, or send an email to #trainingschool #biblecollege #ministerialcollege #schoolofministry #internationalschoolofministry #ism #session #kingschat #pastorchris #conference #ismmnconference #christembassy #ministers #southafrica #video

Pastor Ma, you re an inspiration, U re a multivator & a multiplier. A Genuine Heart to touch d world and beyond, a true beauty of excellence

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Still celebrating beauty and excellence #pr31stmarch #blwzonem

Pastor Chris:Global Prayer Network. MALAY... Doa pada pukul 12 tengah hari dan pukul 10pm ( waktu tempatan / GMT ) - Jumaat, Mac 31 Perwatakan kamu adalah berdasarkan keadaan roh kamu. Belajarlah dengan lebih lanjut dalam Rapsodi hari ini atau kamu boleh memuat - turunkannya dari laman web 1 Tesalonika 5:17 menggalakkan kita untuk "sentiasa berdoa." Kita akan berdoa dalam bahasa roh untuk selama 15 minit pada pukul 12 tengah hari dan pukul 10pm ( waktu tempatan / GMT ). Berikanlah perhatian kepada wawasan dan pelayanan Roh dalam hati kamu. Tuhan berkati kamu.

Happy birthday dear Sister Gwen. Keep flourishing

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