Yhudee Murphy: Our souls are won for on KingsChat Web

Our souls are won for such a time as this........yes!!! It's #CFCuyo #SS2VZ2

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updated his profile photo

My expectation for CFC Is very high #CFCUYO

Our prayer chain for the program continues this night by 10pm. We will be praying fervently in the spirit. God bless you. #cfcuyo

Now is the time and season @ CE UYO with our zonal Pastor #CFCUYO

Wow...God has made #CFCuyo His dinning table just for you on the 12th & 13th April 2017. So, why not save the date and be there on time.

Yipee...its will go down life in uyo,with pastor Ambrose Isesele! April 12 and 13 2017 #cfcuyo

I'm a spirit in motion #CFCUYO

#cfcuyo Lord, I'm available to you

#cfcuyo Faithful God

In the volume of the books it is written concerning me We have come to do thy will oh lord #cfcuyo

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