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New level of knowledge #cfcuyo

New level of knowledge #cfcuyo

Knowledge for the year of Flourishing #CFCuyo #SS2VZ2

Everything working for my good #CFCUYO

IT'S OUR MONTH FOR INCREASING KNOWLEDGE This month, the Lord is bringing three things together; He indicated that they are all tied together. February was the month of PROPHECY March was the month of INSIGHT April is the month FOR INCREASING KNOWLEDGE! 2PETER 1:5-9 PROVERBS 8:10 Some people think their problem is money, but money won't solve the problem. No one has a money problem. COLOSSIANS 1:9-10 2PETER 1:5 Add knowledge to your faith and virtue. Prophecy, insight, knowledge. These three are so important. If you're going to flourish, you need prophecy, God's word coming to your spirit and you speak it forth and journey in the direction of your prophecy. Then you need insight, granted you by wisdom, to know what others don't know. Then now, He tells us to add knowledge; to get into His Word and increase in the knowledge of God. This month, set your mind on the increase of knowledge. This world changed because of the age of knowledge, which followed the explosion of greater insight in the sciences. That age of knowledge which followed the age of science has shaped the political systems and structures of our world today. You can build your life through knowledge. He wants you increasing in the knowledge of God. He says to be filled with the knowledge of His will. If you would do this this month, if you would get knowledge this month, there's no telling what blessing you will receive. Go for knowledge, get the tapes, go on PCDL, go for the books... At the end of April, you'll be singing another song; you'll be so filled with the knowledge of God, you'd be turned into another man. It's my month for INCREASING KNOWLEDGE

Perfect in all his ways #CFCUYO

Lift him up everywhere #cfcuyo

We are partakers of the grace in our man of God...... #CFCuyo #SS2VZ2

What if all the task for the day has to do with #CFCUYO. Just think about it.

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#CFCUYO for with God nothing shall be impossible

An God commanded his blessings #CFCUYO

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