Ifeoluwa Phronesis: Happy Birthday to a beautiful on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday to a beautiful sister! Keep flourishing!!!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful

Suddenly, Immediately. Like the twinkling of an eye #3amprayers #PastorChrisInZimbabwe

Jesus still pulls the largest crowds! The name of Jesus is exhaulted in all nations&generations! Our time to show it! #PastorChrisInZimbabwe

I take advantage of God’s word today, to deliver to me prosperity, success and victory

PASTORS AND LEADERS PRAYER SESSION** 18TH APRIL, 2017 5AM-5:30AM We are praying for 60 Days of harvest. Acts 19:20. Pray for the spread of the gospel all over Edonorth and Edocentral. Declare that our gospel prevails more than ever before resulting in new outreach fellowships and churches in every town and villages. God bless you!

updated her profile photo

Looking forward to STPPL.

The Lord is perfecting all that concerns me #3amprayer #PastorChrisinZimbabwe


People were excited and grateful to receive the No. 1 Daily Devotional #WorldBookDay #WorldGreatestAuthor #PastorChris #CEAbujaVirtualChurch


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