Yetunde Kudehinbu: Happy birthday to my dearest on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to my dearest Sister and exceptional CEO. You are indeed an icon of excellence and always so gracious. #LuxuriantPYK.

Happy birthday to my dearest Happy birthday to my dearest

Happy birthday Pastor ma. Thank you for impacting lives of millions round the world. We love you dearly!

As soon as I got the 128gb phone I loaded my 58gb Pastor Chris video & audio collection of digital ministry materials & my 3146 songs.

Ladies are you ready?? The ability to flourish has been unleashed. It's your set time for a miracle. Date: 19th May to 21st May #sevz1

😎😂😎 when your mum and dad are ever looking young😘😘😘 still rocking #lfma2017 I love you sir &ma @zeze @pstgbonjumoyede #cesapele

Happy birthday Ma, thank you Ma, for living an exemplary & inspiring life. I Love you Ma.

Happy Birthday to a one in a million helper; my dear Pastor Seyi. Thanks for being a blessing to me and to the ministry. I love you dearly

It's getting more closer. Miracles and testimonies will abound. make plans to be in Church come Sun May 7th, 2017 #sevz1

HBD Highly Esteemed CEO. Indeed you are one of a kind. Thank you for ever being an inspiration and challenging our Faith. I love you.


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