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Rhapsody Review : 26th May, 2017 HE'S UNLIMITED Many people have unconsciously placed a limit on God, who He is, and what He’s capable of doing. Notice what our opening verse says about His illimitable personality: from everlasting to everlasting, He’s God. That means both in the dateless past, and in the dateless future, He is God. Isn’t that amazing? No wonder the human mind can’t easily grasp things about Him.

Rhapsody Review : 26th May,

Capetown is very ready.



My unlimited God #ror

Stop singing the song...I lost my job 3 years ago..do something wth d word,u are d seed of Abraham&can't be disadvantaged!#MovedToKingschat

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Practise laughing sessions!😆😃😊😀💃🙌Don't be too serious with life than God is serious with life!U have d life of God! #MovedToKingschat

Happy birthday to a wonderful minister ,a dedicated person in the house of God . A special person ,a rare gem ,a unique person .

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