BLW USA Int'l Office: wow! ..... Did not our on KingsChat Web

wow! ..... Did not our hearts burn within us while they spoke!! most amazing conversation, most amazing transformation... We hear to do. We will do more! #STPPL USA AND TEXAS REGION

wow! ..... Did not our wow! ..... Did not our wow! ..... Did not our wow! ..... Did not our wow! ..... Did not our
Pastor Cyril D Blessed


Most definitely, we will shake this country by power of the Holy Ghost.

Zoe Martha


Amen!! We will do more



Yes, most amazing

Glory be to God in the highest Amen.

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"If you understand the fundamentals of the cell system, you can apply it to every area of your LIFE" Pastor Vale. #STPPLUSA2017

It's absolutely genuis...your Kinging meetings made-easy..Good success from MeditationšŸ˜ƒcheck it out NOW!!! Available on the android store!!

It is done! Thank you jesus for doing it all.#yfceket2017 #teameketontop

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#cewarrizoneMCO2017 Acumen Cell, CE Airport Road 4, reach hundreds during their Mega Cell Outreach at Ugboroke Community! The passion of Christ and His unfailing love was the theme and the gospel gained the ascendancy in the hearts of attendees. The power of God was demonstrated as Acumen Cell Leader, Bro Greg Erumagborie ministered by word of knowledge. Each New Convert at the program received a copy of 'The Power of Your Mind' to aid them begin their journey of walking in righteousness. Stay with us as we bring you more Outreach highlights! #FollowPastorChris #cewarrizone

Happy birthday our ever smiling and exceptional Fortune. You are indeed a blessing to us.keep flourishing dear.God bless you.

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