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#blwknust #yclagos

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The kids are worth every move, every ministration, every song, every performance et al... #llconcertsapele #llconcert3rdedition

#yclagos #blwghzone #blwknust

I love so much Pastor Oma. You are a delight. Happy birthday Ma. You are apt to teach at all times, to guide and to correct in love.

Happening now, it's Hot, It's Refreshing BLW RAP NATION lighting up the stage #llconcertsapele #llconcert3rdedition

I am celebrating the best Mum in the whole world! Happy mothers' Day to u Mum! Love u today and always!!!! #MothersDay #ewcavz4

Your heart is broken? How??The heart that Jesus paid for? The heart you gave to Jesus? Jesus preserves your heart, it can't be broken ~ PDB



Still celebrating Pastor oma i am wishing you a Flourishing birthday Thank you 4 all U do in ministry of yr increase there shall be on end

Am 365/6days anointed

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