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"Anyone who depends on material things will never get satisfied" #RevKen



A men thank you Pastor

Judith Dumingo


Amen thank you Pastor Sir

Sir Paul


So true!

Mainly Chadambura


I like it

Richard Mudare


True stuff

Finance Convention #pastorchrisontheisland #cevirocking


FINANCE CONVENTION!!!! #pastorchrisontheisland #cevichurch1rocking

When u live according to d dictates of the law of life, sickness and death cannot take a hold of you. #RevKen #midweekservice #cecanada

#financeconvention #pastorchrisontheisland #vichurch1rocking

HBD to a dear & beloved Deacon. Thks for all you do for our gospel. Your receptiveness & zeal to receive ideas is very inspiring.I love you.

FINANCE CONVENTION #pastorchrisontheislnd #vichurch1rocking

Because I'm in Christ and have the name of Jesus Christ, nothing can stand in my way. #RevKen #midweekservice

Winning is my game! The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is at work in me👑

▪️The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus - the law of the word ▪️The law of sin and death- the law that operates outside of Christ.

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