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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Vision400 God is raising an army and you are in the troops. To cause an ambush in the camp in the enemy #auxanoconference #cendobo #ewcavz4

A toi qui cherche la justice , garde tes regards sur Dieu le rocher ,d'où tu a été taillé , porte les regards sur père Abraham .esaie 51.

#Vision400 #UKZone3 - Ready for SoulWinning Day. "I am coming back with the head of Goliath"

If you are not winning souls, what are you good for in the kingdom of God? (Luk 11:23)pastor vale. odu#iclc2017.

Young and Old; they all belong to Jesus #Rocan

Updated his profile photo

Il rendra son désert semblable a un éden, et sa terre aride a un jardin de l'Éternel. Esaie 51 :3

U tot me d importance of gud interpersonal skills & I apply it on my job & in my personal life. Thk you sir. #psdmyfather #psdunforgettable

It time to depopulate the kingdom of darkness again!!!! #Rocan

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