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Celebrating #UKVZ1 ICLC Awards as we look forward to the World Soulwinning Day tomorrow! Congratulations for the Commendation Award: My Rhapsody My Business led by Sedanie Swaby Top 10 Special Outreach Intl Category: 6th - Hospital Outreach in 3 London hospitals led by Dr Nkoyo Isinewi 8th - Business Over Dinner led by Lema da Silva We are running with #Vision400 and we will make even more impact in this year of flourishing. Amen!

Celebrating #UKVZ1 ICLC Awards as Celebrating #UKVZ1 ICLC Awards as Celebrating #UKVZ1 ICLC Awards as Celebrating #UKVZ1 ICLC Awards as

In D-Heavens,On Earth,The Unseen Realms- It's all Shouting,Singing,Clapping, Jumping 2DGlory of God.HBD MA.I LoveU&ThankU 4al Ure&Express

And when d came in creeping things,He said INI,I have given you dominion over creeping things.Praise God forever more.#THANKSGIVING

Thank God for significant attainment.

Happy sweet birthday Sis Angela.Always there for others and Eva so committed in church. I luv lots. Keep flourishing.keep flying my Sis

Happy birthday Karis Phiri. My first fruit. My lovely intelligence, spirit filled girl. Am grateful to God for you.

When they decided to use people against me,I refused to have issues with anyone,rather I saw Jesus at the center of it all.#THANKSGIVING

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday brother Kingsley. Your loyalty, dedication and commitment on account of the gospel shall be openly rewarded. Enjoy your day.

God is raising Leaders that ll crush more the works of the devil; they LL crush it , they ll crush the foundations! #CEOWERRI #SEVZ1

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