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16 DAYS TO GO.... Count up to The Haven Convention with Pastor Chris MY EXPECTATIONS -DCN MATHIEU SENGA!!! THE HAVEN CONVENTION WITH OUR MAN OF GOD. ADVANCING THE KINGDOM: NEXT FRONTIERS. Is going to be a time of refreshing, a time of elevation and a time for new revelation. New REVELATION because we are going to discover what the Lord has in mind for us for today and for the years to come, in view of taking the Gospel of his Son Jesus Christ to a new dimension, higher and higher. During the 2006 and 2015 conventions, we received so much. 2017 is going to be more than what we received during the two past conventions. My sure expectation, which will be met is that: 1. All my members of The Haven Zone E4 and all the members of the Haven Nation in general to discover the significance of their identity as carrier of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will learn new spiritual techniques to take the Gospel to new frontiers with new tools, new strategies and new strength. 2. The Haven Nation will be visited by the Holy Spirit in such a strong and evident way and members will learn from the Spirit new ways of transferring wealth from the hand of the heathen to their supporting vehicles of financing the Gospel. New businesses, mega businesses, financing of businesses, acquisition of businesses etc… 3. The leaders of the Haven Nation: The President, The International Directors, The Zonal Directors, The Zonal Secretaries, the governors, The Deputy Governors will receive more wisdom that will inspire members to flourish beyond human comprehension making them supernatural financiers and money magnate to portray the glory of God in them, to transform the world and to carry out the Haven mandate with boldness for the advancement of the KINGDOM. Deacon Mathieu K. Senga Zonal Director The Haven Zone E4

16 DAYS TO GO.... Count

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Celebrating a great helper of the War. Happy Birthday Pastor Iniedu (DSP) We love a celebrate a great friend and brother. Love you loads!!!

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The unseen you is the one to make you a success..

14th BLW CEO inaugurated in the person of Pastor Deola Phillips #lagoszone5 Get the full story on LoveWorld News at

If your past doesn't inspire you, dump it! Don't let memories hinder you

Welcome Sir, Our dearly esteemed Pastor Rev. Tom. #CECAbuja#

Conquer your handicaps.. That thing that you would have stated as a reason for failure, gain the mastery over it

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