Celine B: More Than Music Spectacular.... #UKVZ1 on KingsChat Web

More Than Music Spectacular.... #UKVZ1

More Than Music Spectacular.... #UKVZ1

Souls Winner Always... God is Above all Authority... Gloryyyyy.... #christembassyindia #Ceindia1

When our praises go up, God's blessings rest on us...

Thank you Lord for my father, mentor, life coach Pastor Chris! I love you Sir #cesazone5 #vision400

#blwzonej #blwzonejmythanksgiving

As part of the Vision 400%, the Potters House Bible Study Class of Christ Embassy Ikot Ekpene, led by Bro Ifiok Peter Akpan, organised an outreach program tagged 'Youth Conference'. Bro Ifiok, who was a first time attendee at the International Cell Leaders Conference held in June, mobilized his members and all went as far as having a mini carnival float a few hours prior to the program. Ministering in songs were upcoming Gospel artistes, Chris Shine and Ransome Awesome. 42 first timers were present and 20 gave their lives to Christ, each one receiving a copy of 'Now that you are born again. Pastor Judith who ministered at the program also prayed for the sick. One testimony was that of a young man healed of heart palpitations which made him weak. #vision400 #blwglogalsoulwinningday #ceikotekpene #ss2vz2

Thanksgiving opens the door for further blessings #PastorKaren

When our praises go up, God's blessings is activated #blwzonejmythanksgiving #blwzonejgswd

“Thank you Lord it's midyear 2017 already,thank you for making me fruitful & productive.You’ve multiplied me!I’m flourishing on every side!”

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 2ND JULY. I affirm that I will never live an empty life! My life is programmed by the Word of God and I live each day to fulfil the reason why I was born. I will never be discouraged, neither will I stop yielding fruits of righteousness. The Spirit of God has anointed and set me on a course on which I must follow and in the Name of Jesus, I will finish my assignment here on earth with great joy. The Word of God is in my heart and in my mouth today, prevailing against adverse circumstances, and producing what it talks about in my spirit, soul and body. I am champion and a victor in Christ Jesus! Fear, doubt and unbelief have no place in me, for my faith in God and in His eternal Word is the victory that overcomes the world! Hallelujah. I refuse to be discouraged by the negative news around the world because I know that the Word of God in my spirit has the capacity to keep me at the position of advantage. Come rain come shine; I am an absolute success and victor in life. Glory to God! Keep saying it, don't stop talking it. Remember, your mouth has what it takes to put your children, business, ministry, and career etc., over in life. Just keep talking the Word no matter what your senses may tell you. If you stick to the Word, you will come back with a testimony! God bless you. #affirmationtrain #communionservice #ceasaba #ss1vz1

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