Pastor Bosco: Happy birthday Pastor. You have on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Pastor. You have been a buckler and lifter. Thank you so much.

Happy birthday Pastor. You have

JULY COMMUNION SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS - MONTH OF EXPANSION. Glory to God! #Vision400 #Finances - Expansion #BeulahOutreach #Cehouston

The Rhapsody heading to federal parliament with the member of parliament #rocan

No 1 knows, like I know what u're done 4 me, dat's why I luv u d way I do. Happy 50th Sir..significant attainments continues #lalaspu0307

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Micah spreading kiddies rhapsody in the neighborhood. #ROCAN

More #ROCAN moments& stories! When u encounter that one person who "knows" the history of the Bible #ceyork #cecanada #globalsoulwinningday

I have grace for expansion..

Stubborn, unwavering, rugged FAITH in the mist of Staggering oppositions. You have shown us time &time again. I Follow Follow #lalaspu0307

More #ROCAN moments and stories. When the day is done and the kids have shutdown! #ceyork #cecanada #globalsoulwinningday #momonamission

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